Department Spotlight - Elementary Education

Department Spotlight - Elementary Education
Posted on 11/06/2023

We are spotlighting the Elementary Education Department. This department assists with the implementation of elementary curriculum standards and initiatives for our K-5 students. The department also supports our elementary administrators, curriculum-technology coordinators, and all of our amazing K-5 educators. This department fully believes that a strong academic foundation prepares students to be successful in future endeavors.

Recently, the department has led efforts with facilitating science of reading training for our K-5 educators. By providing this training, the department aims to enhance the quality of literacy instruction in our elementary schools. In addition to the science of reading training, the department has also facilitated the implementation of new intervention programs in reading and math. These programs are designed to provide targeted support to students who may be struggling in these subjects. By offering quality intervention programs, the department aims to ensure that every student has the opportunity to meet their full academic potential as soon as possible.

This school year, the department has made possible the smooth implementation of Reading Horizons Version Nine, a new comprehensive district-wide reading program, and a new morphology program for grades 3-5. These programs focus on building essential reading skills, such as phonics, fluency, and comprehension. By incorporating these programs into the overall curriculum, the department aims to improve students' reading abilities and foster a love for reading.

Furthermore, the Elementary Education Department is committed to supporting professional development in all subject areas, including mathematics, science, and social studies. The department provides resources and training opportunities for educators to enhance their instructional practices and to stay updated with the latest research and best practices. By investing in professional development, the department aims to empower educators and ultimately improve student learning outcomes.

In conclusion, the Elementary Education Department plays a vital role in ensuring that our K-5 students receive a high-quality education. Through their efforts in curriculum implementation, training, and support, the department strives to create excellence for all K-5 students within Cleveland County Schools.