NC Report Card Information

Dear CCS parents and community members,

We are thrilled that you are interested in Cleveland County Schools and hope you find the information you seek surrounding our schools and district. If not, please feel free to call us directly at (704) 476-8000.

We certainly want to make sure we help you with your search and would love to speak to you directly about the many wonderful things surrounding our schools and county. We are excited to share essential information about our school district's report card and we believe we have so very many exceptional experiences provided throughout our schools every day.

You are encouraged to use this tool ( as a resource for information about student achievement, class size, school safety, school technology, and and much more.  We would like to also draw special attention to the area that highlights educator qualifications and certifications.  With Team CCS, we only want the most qualified educators working with our students.  So, be sure to take a look at that particular area.

As you know, we are no strangers to the concept of teaching and assessing student growth. The idea of growing each students means that we are devoted to every single student and their educational process.  Although the NC Report Card tool does provide some good information, we believe in meeting students where they are, growing them the best they can be, and encouraging them all along the way.  And, in our opinion, growth is the most important measure known to education.  Period.  Therefore, we believe  you will find Cleveland County Schools to be a premier educational provider and the best place for our all Cleveland County students.

Together, we will continue to make Cleveland County a great place to live, learn, work, and play.