Board Goals

I. High Student Performance

  • Expect and encourage each student to meet or exceed ABC and AYP requirements to raising achievement and closing the achievement gap.
  • Provide challenging learning activities for all students (K-12) thus encouraging secondary students to participate in higher level courses.

II. Healthy Students in Safe, Orderly, and Caring Schools

  • Provide safe schools with appropriate behavior guidelines and plans which model the character education program.
  • Strive to meet state requirements regarding the implementation of a strong curriculum including adequate physical activity for all students.
  • Decrease the drop out rate and encourage student attendance.

III. Quality Teachers, Administrators, and Staff

  • Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, teacher assistants, and administrators.
  • Increase the number of national board certification and advanced degree status of teachers.
  • Provide staff development that supports all staff and ensures a high level of student success.

IV. Strong Family, Community, and Business Support

  • Implement activities that inform and involve community members and families.
  • Increase the interaction between community organizations, businesses, and schools.
  • Provide opportunities for the school board, the schools, and the community to establish and build strong relationships.

V. Effective and Efficient Operations

  • Maintain a level of internal and external communication among all stakeholders that ensures effective partnerships.
  • Study and develop plans and procedures to ensure equitable resources are provided across the system.