Crest High School's AFJROTC: Fostering Excellence, Leadership, and Community Engagement

Crest High School's AFJROTC: Excellence, Leadership, and Community Engagement
Posted on 10/10/2023



 The Cadets of Crest High School's AFJROTC delivered an impressive presentation at last night’s board meeting, highlighting a wide array of activities spanning both pre and post-COVID-19 pandemic eras. Their presentation showcased a plethora of prestigious endeavors, ranging from engaging in summer leadership opportunities to their involvement in various skill-based teams. Additionally, they underscored key Cadet achievements and outlined their ongoing goals.

Current Cadet Achievements:

- The Rifle Team's active participation in regional Round Robin tournaments.

- An astounding accumulation of over 1200 hours dedicated to community service.

- Multiple educational excursions to locations such as Black Mountain and Virginia with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

- Cadet participation in the Converse/FSU Summer Leadership Schools.

Cadet Impact Goals:

- Striving for an overall average grade of 87% or higher within the JROTC program.

- Aiming for 50% or more of Cadets to achieve promotion by the end of the school year.

- Setting a target of 85% or more of Cadets participating in at least one "Leadership Development Requirement."

The significance of AFJROTC in our schools can be viewed as a broader spectrum of exceptional opportunities for student involvement. The program not only instills a sense of responsibility and commitment but also cultivates essential life skills such as teamwork, communication, and time management. 

Furthermore, the advantages of participating in the AFJROTC program extend beyond the individual student, positively influencing the entire school community.