New Spectator Guidelines for High School Football and Basketball Games

New Spectator Guidelines for High School Football and Basketball Games
Posted on 08/30/2022

In an effort to provide a fantastic, safe, and enjoyable gameday experience for spectators and student-athletes, Cleveland County Schools is implementing new guidelines for spectators attending high school football and basketball games.

All spectators of eighth-grade age or younger attending an event at Burns, Crest, Kings Mountain, and Shelby high schools must be accompanied by a legal guardian or responsible adult (21 Years of Age or Older) to enter and remain inside the stadium or gymnasium. The legal guardian or accompanying adult will be responsible for the child’s supervision and actions at all times.

In addition, spectators of any age will no longer be permitted to congregate outside of the stands or viewing area of the game. Fighting, rough-play, the use of threatening language, or the creation of an unsafe environment will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will be grounds for removal from current and future athletic events without ticket reimbursement.

“We look forward to continuing our valued athletic tradition of excellence throughout Cleveland County Schools,” says Greg Shull, director of communications for Cleveland County Schools. “We want the focus to be on our student-athletes as we fully support their run for a championship.”