Tips for Educators

LITERATURE to Use in the Classroom Resources

Grades K-3

Agassi, M. (2000) Hands Are Not for Hitting

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Dewdney, A. (2013) Llama Llama and the Bully Goat

Author's Page

Emberley, E. (2010) Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug!

Bye-Bye, Big Bad BullyBug Craft Activity

Nickle, J. (1999) The Ant Bully

The Ant Bully Lesson Plan

Grades 4 - 5

O'Neill, A. (2002) The Recess Queen

Lesson Activities

Polacco, P. (2001) Mr. Lincoln's Way

Author's Page

Shannon, D. (2004) A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of Bully: Literature Response Lesson

Grades 6 - 9

Langan, P. (2002) The Bully

The Bully Lesson Plan

Common Sense Media Curriculum


Bullying Quiz: How Informed Are You?

A Bullying Quiz: Middle & High School

Articles about Bullies

This Emotional Life: Bullying

Be Bully Free