Posted on 04/01/2020

“There’s no place like home,” a yearning Dorothy Gale once chimed in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz. Who knew eighty years later, a pandemic would pressurize world leaders to direct folks to do just that- go home and stay home!

A pandemic is awfully scary and unexplainable, especially to a child. Kids want to know when they can go back to school, but only COVID-19 dictates that timeline. Teachers and kids are learning a new normal. However, everyday at 11:30, families can drive through the lunch “grab and go” at many designated sites throughout the county. This is the only way staff and students get a glimpse of each other-- through the windows of the vehicles. 

Even though social distancing has become the way of life, new authorization makes it much stricter. Staff at Fallston Elementary School made the hours before the mandated order a time for joy. We all know that this crisis has an emotional effect on our students, and it’s critical that the community works together to provide opportunities to make “happy deposits” in their emotional accounts. The Lincoln Theatre Guild, Sew Much More, and Memories in the Making made the magic happen by providing many costumes for staff and volunteers for dress up. In the lineup was Elsa, Pocohantas, The Little Mermaid, Belle, Cinderella Glinda the Good Witch, Superman, Bumblebee, Blue Fish, and EVEN A JEDI, our Child Nutrition Specialist Debra Gee.

Staff passed out as many as 268 lunches and 268 breakfasts on this day. Students also gathered packets of new learning material. It was a great day to begin “the new first day of school.” Instead of seeing students face-to-face, or through the drop off/pick-up line, students and teachers will look forward to seeing one another once again via their virtual classrooms. “There’s no place like home.”