Posted on 04/01/2020
While at the doctor's office last week, a nurse overheard my conversation about teaching and communicating with my students online the past 2 weeks. She had so many questions about how things would work for her son and students in general, and was in a state of total confusion and worry about her child's education, how to move forward, would he be promoted, and so on. I then discovered that her son attended a middle school that is not within Cleveland County Schools.

This happened on the same day that Mrs. Rikard met with the KMHS staff to explain the district’s plan. The directives were clear and concise about how we should move forward with the continuation of educating our students. As I shared this with the nurse, I could see that she was so impressed and yet so frustrated that there had not been any communication with the parents in her county so far. I suggested that she call the principal to express her concerns and to get her questions answered. 

I recently went back to the doctor’s office, and as she saw me leaving, she ran out to my car and thanked me over and over for our conversation and for sharing how Cleveland County Schools helping our students, parents, and teachers during this time. She said she sent an email to the administration, apparently expressing her concerns and telling about how CCS had accomplished so much already. She told me that her principal actually forwarded her email to the other parents as a preface to the plans that they were beginning to make for her son's school.

This business of teaching online has been a crazy-wild ride, with hundreds of emails and texts rolling in by the hour. There seems to be more questions and problems as I have solutions.

HOWEVER, I am continually settled by the constant atmosphere of firm direction as decisions are being made, I am settled by the ever-present availability of the KMHS administration and I am settled by the calmness that Mrs. Rikard provides when giving us direction and helping solve our issues. It is unfathomable to think about how difficult these decisions must be, the level of stress that must be on the shoulders of our school system’s leaders. We are among the few blessed individuals in the world today by being able to keep our jobs. It is an added blessing to have the confidence in our leaders as they guide all of us through our difficulties for the remainder of the school year.