Reading Legends Emerge!

Reading Legends Emerge!
Posted on 03/11/2020

Students at a table

Teams of avid readers converged at CCS Central Services to put their knowledge to the test at the Cleveland County Book Challenge. The 18 elementary and intermediate school teams competed in either the first or second day, battling head-to-head for 13 rounds against like-minded reading enthusiasts. Answering trivia questions related to 12 specific books from an assigned reading list, the students worked collaboratively to advance through each round.

First Day Results:

  • 1st - Grover Elementary

  • 2nd - West Elementary and James Love Elementary (Tied)

  • 3rd - North Elementary

Second Day Results:

  • 1st - Fallston Elementary

  • 2nd - Kings Mountain Intermediate

  • 3rd - Boiling Springs Elementary

A special award named in honor of Dr. Ruth Pace - a competition coach, moderator, and practice question architect since 1992 - was given to an individual from each team. The individual winners were selected by their peers for exhibiting the most knowledge about all of the books.

The 2020 Dr. Ruth Pace Award Winners from Day 1:

  • Carrington Prince of Bethware Elementary

  • Morgan Harris of East Elementary

  • Ta'Zhiah White of Graham Elementary

  • Peter Poeng of Grover Elementary

  • Braedeon Morgan of James Love Elementary

  • MaLaya Thompson of Elementary

  • Calyah Whitener of Marion Elementary

  • Olivia Homan of North Elementary

  • Cora Torres of West Elementary

The 2020 Dr. Ruth Pace Award Winners from Day 2:

  • Luke Hinton Of Boiling Springs Elementary

  • Laney Williams of Casar Elementary

  • Gracie Leonhardt of Fallston Elementary

  • Ariel Inthisarath of Kings Mountain Intermediate

  • Braylon Bridges of Shelby intermediate

  • Savannah Carpenter of Springmore Elementary

  • Zoie Phillips of Township Three Elementary

  • Anna Carolina Gorski of Union Elementary

  • Anthony Aguirre of Washington Elementary