Now Accepting Transfer Applications for the 2020-2021 School Year

Posted on 01/31/2020

Transfer Applications

Transfer applications for the 2020-2021 school year are now available online and at individual schools.

The standard printable versions are attached to the bottom of this article. However, a new e-form solution is now available to help expedite the processing of transfer applications while making it easier for parents and students to undergo the transfer process.

Click here to submit an e-form transfer request. By providing your email address in the appropriate form field, you will receive a confirmation as well as a PDF copy of your submission for your records. Please know that when you receive a confirmation email, we have receive your request as well. E-form applications must be submitted by April 1, 2020.

If you choose to use the downloadable PDF version, please know that you must undergo the standard signature-required release/acceptance process by obtaining principal signatures prior to submission. If applying through the physical application process, the transfer application must be delivered to CCS Central Services, 400 West Marion Street of Shelby, on or before April 1, 2020.

Important points to remember about student transfers:

  • In-county transfers are good for the grade span of the school to which the transfer was given. A new transfer application is required for a student entering into a new school. Example: a new transfer is required if a student is out-of-district and moving from middle school to high school.

  • All out-of-county transfer students must complete a new transfer request every year. Also included for out-of-county transfers is the requirement to pay tuition. The out-of-county tuition fee is $1,414. Out-of-county transfers must also obtain a letter of release from school/district of residence.

  • Student transfers may be revoked for violations of attendance or discipline policies.

  • The parent of any incoming Kindergarten student who desires a transfer will need to complete a transfer form. Kindergarten students are encouraged to attend Kindergarten Orientation at their home school.

  • Schools and/or grade levels within schools may be closed to transfers to avoid classroom overcrowding.

  • If a high school student's transfer request is approved, the student may be ineligible for athletic participation for a period of 365 days.

For additional information concerning transfers, please contact Ronny Funderburke or Cassandra Leslie at (704) 476-8000.

E-Form Application


Click here to access the English version of the printable PDF form.

Click here to access the Spanish version of the printable PDF form.