Keep Kids Learning Project - Partners in Education

Keep Kids Learning Project - Partners in Education
Posted on 04/24/2020

Author: Heather Self of Marion Elementary

Miss Travis and Miss Taylor both received a $1000 grant from Donors Choose (as a part of a selected small group of teachers through a pilot program) that would allow them to purchase items their students need to be successful during this virtual learning time.

They were given the donation as part of Donors Chose, Keep Kids Learning Project. The donation allowed them to purchase "kits" to give to their students to keep at home as they work through the remainder of the year. The teachers were able to order a variety of supplies including: pencils, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, erasers, colored pencils, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss (since they had just finished their dental health unit), eight books on level for each child, and personal hygiene items (lotion, etc.) to help with staying healthy while at home.

They were also given paper grocery bags from Honeys Grocery Store that allowed them to safely package each kit individually for their students.

Donors Choose has been a blessing to our classrooms in the past and has proven why it is such a wonderful resource that teachers should use to help fund their projects and classroom needs.