Junior Leadership Scholarly Expeditions

Junior Leadership Scholarly Expeditions
Posted on 01/14/2020

Student in an Ambulance

The young scholars at Graham Elementary are getting a close look at a variety of services through off- and on-campus experiences as well as virtual expeditions.

Already, the students have experienced lessons on kindness, learned about the responsibilities of owning and feeding baby animals, visited a farm to see and feel large animals, worked with a therapy dog trainer and the service dogs, and have been versed in wildlife rehabilitation. The students have also learned about Multiple Intelligences from the counseling services team at Gardner-Webb University, new-age manufacturing specifications from Greenheck Corporation, engineering concepts from Southern Power, and were able to explore the many exciting facets of the police and fire departments with the City of Shelby. In addition, they have enjoyed their recent first-hand work with emergency responders via an on-board ambulance training and medical care presentation provided by Atrium Health.

"This initiative is under the auspices of the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce," said Dr. Valerie O'Kelley, principal at Graham Elementary. "Chamber President Bill Watson has been extremely helpful in creating an aggressive calendar of worthwhile experiences for our scholars."

The campaign is designed to further expose students to opportunities outside of their daily interactions.

"These are not your ordinary field trips," explained O'Kelley. "Our scholars keep journals to document their experiences for post-opportunity debriefs in the classrooms."

The scholars will continue through this learning model through April of this school year when a culmination event will be held to celebrate the students' learning and growth. The students will also present their research to the community to showcase their newfound knowledge.

Ambulance Students in Class Students by a window Students Standing

Antrium Ambulance Student looking at a stretcher Students in an Ambulance Student and Adult in Ambulance