Cleveland County Schools Announces Partnership With Facebook To Support Remote Learning

Cleveland County Schools Announces Partnership With Facebook To Support Remote Learning
Posted on 06/19/2020

Author: Jessica Dulin


Facebook has partnered with Cleveland County Schools to provide support for students and staff who have been affected by the recent school system closures due to COVID-19.


By providing Cleveland County Schools with the funds to acquire hundreds of Chromebooks to be used by students, Facebook has committed to the learning process and betterment of the overall education experience.


The funds have also been used to maintain wi-fi hotspots used by the schools, and to provide new hotspots as needed. The hotspots are located on school campuses throughout Cleveland County and allow students to have internet access on any device for remote learning purposes.

“Having a partnership with a global organization like Facebook is a wonderful opportunity for Cleveland County Schools,” said Dr. Stephen Fisher, Superintendent of Cleveland County Schools. “We are grateful and hope to maintain this connection for years to come.” 

“We are proud to invest in the future of this community, providing children attending the Cleveland County Schools with greater access to technology," said Katie Comer, Community Development Regional Manager for Facebook. "Forest City is home not just to our data center, but also to our employees and their families. We will continue to support this vibrant community." 

Facebook broke ground on its Forest City Data Center in 2010. 


“We are most fortunate to have a great partnership with Facebook,” said Tim Wease, Director of Technology Services at Cleveland County Schools. “The financial resources they provided have and will continue to enhance the remote learning opportunities for the students of Cleveland County.”


The resources will continue to be used to support remote learning.  For a list of hotspot locations, please visit