Burns High School Students Give Back to Healthcare Workers at Atrium Health

Burns High School Students Give Back to Healthcare Workers at Atrium Health
Posted on 04/01/2021

Author: Jessica Dulin

Burns High School’s Nursing Fundamentals class of 2021 students worked alongside Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Project Management, and Art students to complete a mission project last month. The project aimed at honoring healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

By providing various snacks and hand-drawn motivational quotes, the students showed their appreciation for the workers at Atrium Health-Cleveland. Each student decorated a sign to give to a healthcare worker.

“Delivering snacks to the staff in the COVID unit gave me a sense of accomplishment,” said Paden White, Burns High School student. “The staff are doing so much for our community and I just want them to know that we appreciate them and their dedication to society.”

Myra Douglass and Glenda Childers, Burns High School teachers, helped facilitate this project for the students. They consulted with Veronica Poole-Adams, Chief Nursing Officer at Atrium Health-Cleveland, to connect with the health professionals and coordinate the event. 

"The students were so happy and proud. We are completing our clinical in the classroom, so this is the closest they've been to a healthcare facility,” said Myra Douglass, Health Science teacher at Burns High School. “We were met with smiles (we can still tell, even with masks) and warm greetings. We are blessed to be able to give back to our community."