A Glimpse into Remote Learning with Jefferson's Evonne Jenkins

A Glimpse into Remote Learning with Jefferson's Evonne Jenkins
Posted on 04/29/2020

Since schools began the Remote Learning Plan due to the COVID facilities shutdown mandate, Evonne Jenkins has been offering interactive sessions for students. On any typical day of online learning, the class attendance reaches around 19 students in the Zoom sessions where they learn together for over two hours every day of the week.

"I believe the students are responding well because I expect EVERY student to participate in my Zoom class each day," said Jenkins.

At first, Jenkins sent typical work packets home with students, but quickly modernized her approach to adapt to the at-home learning environment by including lots of videos from NumberRock and Khan Academy.

"I am using many of the same materials that I used to teach face-to-face so that their work at least has some familiarity to it," added Jenkins. "While teaching, I want to keep things interesting for the kids!"




Online learning with Jenkins' class includes many of the same learning experiences as that of the physical classroom environment.

"I am teaching a math lesson every day, which includes a 20-minute 'spiral review' of concepts I have previously taught, followed by 20-30 minutes of new material," explained Jenkins. "Each day, I also teach a reading lesson. At the moment, we are studying Greek and Roman Myths. We are utilizing a packet of myths, and we are comparing and contrasting those myths with videos."

Jenkins also holds classroom science discussion at least two days per week and provides daily 5-minute mini-lessons for language. She loops in the school's media specialist and art teacher each week to diversify the learning experience for her students. Jenkins provides a small portion of time for stretching and fitness, but refers the students to Mr. Dalton's YouTube channel for a much heavier dose of physical education.



Mimicking that of the physical classroom experience, Jenkins also provides students with time to read to themselves during the Zoom call.

"I think it's important to give them time to read during class to ensure they are definitely reading some during the course of the day," she explained. "I also typically provide a 'homework' assignment for them to complete after class to again, make certain my students are reading."




Lastly, Jenkins sends daily communications to parents to keep them in the loop and to get their help in preparing the students for each class.  In doing this, the parents and students know exactly what to expect and can prepare for new softwares and tools such as Kahoot, a fun, quiz-style game used by teachers.

"Throughout a time of uncertainty, I hope I can continue to provide them with the certainty that I will do everything I can to deliver them the very best remote learning experience," said Jenkins.