Kings Mountain Middle Schoolers Represent CCS in State Honors Chorus

Kings Mountain Middle Schoolers Represent CCS in State Honors Chorus
Posted on 03/18/2023

School Board Recognition with MS Honors Chorus

Five students from Kings Mountain Middle were recognized by the school board for auditioning, making, and participating in this year's state honors chorus.

"The purpose of this Honors Chorus is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their abilities to the greatest possible extent," said Greg Shull of Cleveland County Schools.

Cultivated by Susan Gray, Kings Mountain Middle chorus director, and Heather Bundon, the area's fabulously talented accompanist and instructor, the following students were selected for this year's state honors chorus and performed alongside other qualifying vocalists in Winston-Salem.

The local participants include:

  • Keiston Brooks
  • Caleb Bundon
  • La'zya Byrd
  • Emma Goodnite
  • Jariah Guyton

"We are so very fortunate to have such talented vocalists studying and advancing their skills with Cleveland County Schools," added Shull.

During the school board meeting, the students opened by performing an honors chorus song. They were then recognized by the school board and presented certificates in recognition of their musical achievement.

"Our performing arts programs are the best in the business, and I am so proud of the many experiences our CCS team provides the musicians, vocalists, actors, and dancers of Cleveland County," concluded Shull. "This recognition just continues to affirm the excellence that is cultivated for those involved through Team CCS, and I certainly cannot imagine anyone missing out on being part of such unique, award-winning experiences."