Brightest, merriest mathematicians combine at county’s education headquarters to showcase skills, compete among like minds

Brightest, merriest mathematicians combine at county’s education headquarters to showcase skills, compete among like minds
Posted on 12/12/2022

At the annual Math Day competition, themed as How the Grinch Stole Math Day!, the most brilliant mathematicians from around the county competed in various challenges to exercise their minds, sharpen their skills, and determine “who” the best of the best is for 2022.

The initial challenge, Max’s Think Fast Challenge, required students to use their mental math skills to answer a total of 50 questions. Students were required to solve the problems mentally without using paper or a pencil.

The individuals from the following teams emerged as the winners of the Math Day in a Winter Wonderland challenge:

  • Boiling Springs Elementary: Ezra Ethridge
  • Casar Elementary: Zian Saechao
  • Elizabeth Elementary: Xavier Carroll
  • Fallston Elementary: Austin Buttrick
  • James Love Elementary: Cortez Calderon
  • Jefferson Elementary: Collin Fern
  • Kings Mountain Intermediate Team 1: James Welsh
  • Kings Mountain Intermediate Team 2: Mikah Robinson
  • Springmore Elementary: Caleb Marlowe
  • Township Three Elementary: Kyle Champion
  • Union Elementary:Ryan Parker
  • Washington Elementary: Gabrielle Tesauro

In addition, the students faced four team-oriented problem-solving tasks.

  • Modern-Day Whoville - Students were required to design, construct, and solve problems dealing with area, perimeter, and volume. The winning team for this task was the Township Three’s Pi-Rams.
  •  You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Students were required to apply and extend their understanding of our place value system. We had two teams tie for first place in this challenge: the Boiling Springs’ Grinch Squad and Jefferson’s Mental Math Minds.
  • Where are you, Christmas? - Students were required to solve and write numerical expressions using their understanding of the order of operations. The winning team for this task was Township Three’s Pi-Rams.
  • Can’t Escape from the Grinch - Escape Room - Students were required to manipulate and compare fractions. The winning team for this task was Jefferson’s Mental Math Minds.

For the teamwork portion of the skills day, the students were evaluated on how well they worked together, shared ideas, and communicated while solving math challenges. Jefferson’s Mental Math Minds won this award for exhibiting outstanding collaboration.

The Cleveland County Schools Educational Foundation provided monetary awards from Carolina Chiropractic Plus and Nippon Electric Glass to the top-three teams. Boiling Springs’ Grinch Squad won $500, Springmore’s “Max”maticians won $300, and Elizabeth’s Cindy Lou-Who and the 5 Grinches took home $200 for their efforts.

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