Facilities Plan

The Adequate Facilities Committee consisted of parent representatives, community members, school employees, and retired school employees. The committee began its work by examining data compiled on each of the 28 schools in Cleveland County. The data included the various buildings at each site, the age, size, and type of each structure along with an evaluation of the building's infrastructure. The committee also looked at the grade configuration of each school as well as current enrollment numbers.

This background information provided the committee a starting point for evaluating the current status of our schools. From September to December the committee visited twelve school sites. During each visit, the principal provided the committee with a very informative tour. This process allowed committee members to see first hand the condition of the schools' campuses. After investing many hours in the process the team put together the following recommendations for facility needs in Cleveland County Schools. The list of improvements is identified in four categories.

Capital Improvement Plan

Phase I Projects (In priority order)

  1. Relocation of North Shelby School
  2. Auditorium and classroom wing additions at Burns High School and Crest High School

Phase II Projects (no priority order recommended)

  1. Bethware - Holland and Nanny Buildings
  2. Grover - Older buildings renovations
  3. KMHS - New classroom addition
  4. Springmore - New classroom addition

Athletic Issues (no priority order recommended)

  • Burns High, Crest High and Kings Mountain High - renovate football stadium pressboxes, concession stands and restroom facilities

Shelby High School - renovate football fieldhouse.