Students Against Bullying

Stop Bullying

If You See Bullying.... What can you do?

Ask The Bully To Stop

Students are taught to ask the bully to stop, because talking is hard in emotional situations, a hand signal is also taught. Sometimes even when students tell others to "STOP" problem behavior will continue. Students should walk away.

Walk Away

Walking away from the bully removes the reinforcement for bullying. If inappropriate behavior continues, a student should tell an adult.

Tell An Adult

Students should tell an adult when they have tried to solve the problem by using the "stop" and "walk" strategies and they have not worked. When any problem behavior is reported, adults should follow a specific response sequence:

(1) Reinforce the student for reporting the problem
(2) Ask who, what, when and where
(3) Ensure the student's safety
(4) Is the bullying still happening?
(5) Is the reporting child at risk?

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