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Goal 1

Globally Competitive Students

Goal 1.1:  Each year all Cleveland County Schools students (PK-12) will demonstrate at least expected growth on the Common Core and Essential Standards (North Carolina Standard Course of Study).

Goal 1.2:  Beginning in 2013-14 and beyond, students will demonstrate authentic literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, and presenting) at every level (PK-12).

Goal 1.3:  By the spring of 2018, the graduation rate will increase from 83.3% to at least 90%.

Goal 1.4:  By 2017-18 all students graduating from high school (90%) will have a pathway for the future:  College technical school, military, or workforce.

Goal 1.5:  By 2015-16 Cleveland County Schools will implement a one-to-one technology initiative for all students.

Goal 1.6:  By 2016-17, all students will demonstrate the North Carolina Technology Standards in reading, writing, researching, and computing.

Goal 1.7:  By August, 2016, character education will be integrated into a positive behavior program in all schools to develop well-rounded, successful citizens, who are responsible and globally aware.