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‘Tis the season to be mathematical!

posted Dec 13, 2017, 2:11 PM by Greg Shull   [ updated Dec 15, 2017, 1:14 PM ]
Fifth-grade mathematicians gathered at Central Services recently to go compete at the annual Nippon Electric Glass and Laughlin Furniture Outlet Math Field Day. This year’s theme, “How the Grinch Stole Math Day,” brought out the spirit of arithmetic as the teams enjoyed a variety of problem-solving tasks and challenges.

Max’s Think Fast Challenge – the first challenge for the day – required students to use their mental math skills to answer 50 questions with only pencil and paper. The top mathematicians for this challenge were Samuel Ford of Boiling Springs Elementary; Pablo Garcia of Casar Elementary; Johnny Hames of Fallston Elementary; Seraphina Shutt of Kings Mountain Intermediate (Team 1) Max Thompson of Kings Mountain Intermediate (Team 2) , Damon Cook of Shelby Intermediate (Team 1); James Newton of Shelby Intermediate (Team 2); Dakota Jensen of Springmore Elementary; Emma Schorr of Township Three Elementary; Abby Sentell of Union Elementary; and Hanna Vinson of Washington Elementary.

The Boiling Springs Mistletoe Multipliers were the overall problem-solving champions for the day, up one spot from their second place finish in 2016. The Shelby Intermediate Who-la-Whos finished second overall, and the Fallston’s Frosty Fractions Elementary finished third overall.
  • Task 1: Welcome to Modern Day Whoville - Students were required to design, construct, and solve problems dealing with area, perimeter, and volume. The winning team for this task: Fallston’s Frosty Fractions
  • Task 2: Where is Cindy Lou Who? - Students were required to solve real-world problems involving fractions and using all four operations. The winning team for this task: Boiling Springs’ Mistletoe Multipliers
  • Task 3: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch: - Students were required to apply and extend their understanding of place value systems. The winning team for this task:  SIS Team 1 - The Who-La-Whos
  • Task 4: Where Are You Christmas? - Students were required to solve and write numerical expressions using their understanding of the order of operations. The winning team for this task: Fallston’s Frosty Fractions
Team Award
Working together, sharing ideas, and communicating while solving math challenges are vital to any team’s success. The following team exhibited outstanding collaboration: Fallston’s Frosty Fractions

2017 Teams and Coaches
  • Boiling Springs Mistletoe Multipliers coached by Beth Triplett
  • Casar Number Nutcrackers led by coached by Rhonda Cook Lindsey Baker
  • Fallston Frosty Fractions coached by Larae Moyer and Casey Stafford
  • Kings Mountain Intermediate Little Lou Whos coached by Morgan Burns and Lori Hambright
  • Kings Mountain Intermediate Math Grinches coached by Morgan Burns and Lori Hambright
  • Shelby Intermediate Who-la- hoos coached by Annette McCarter and Melissa Wilson
  • Shelby Intermediate, The Grinch’s Mastermind, coached by Annette McCarter and Melissa Wilson
  • Springmore Red-Nosed Remainders coached by Ashley Hooks and Carolyn Lee
  • Township Three Faithful Factors coached by Nicole Taylor
  • Union Max Maticians Coached by Micha’l Floyed and Nichole Robinson
  • Washington Multiplying Whoo’s coached by Akera Patterson and Adrienne Ledbetter