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Three Receive 2015 Hoyt Q. Bailey Agape Awards

posted Oct 28, 2015, 1:21 PM by Greg Shull   [ updated Nov 12, 2015, 7:01 AM ]
The CCS Educational Foundation honored 
Melissa Battista of Jefferson Elementary, Julie Smith of Turning Point Academy, and Robin Wilson of West Elementary as the 2015 Agape Award finalists on October 27th at the Hoyt Q. Bailey Agape program held at the LeGrand Center. The awards include a $250 cash prizes for each and are given annually by the Foundation to teachers who motivate and create opportunities for student success. 

"The Hoyt Bailey Agape Awards recognize our teachers that go the extra mile to meet the needs of all our students," says Litton.  "Many students have benefited from the true love and concern of caring teachers; it is fitting that we can recognize this important factor in education."

These teachers were also recognized as school-level Agape Award winners and were presented with a certificate:

  • Jamie Johnson – Bethware Elementary
  • Emily Parker – Boiling Springs Elementary
  • Kareem Livingston - Burns High
  • Megan Johnson - Burns Middle
  • Heather Ivey – Casar Elementary
  • Todd Peeler - Cleveland Early College High
  • Erin McWhirter - Crest High
  • Cassie Dills - Crest Middle
  • Leah Davis - East Elementary
  • Stephanie Gunto - Fallston Elementary
  • Lisa Spangler - Graham Elementary 
  • Tami Allen – Grover Elementary
  • Janet Brown – James Love Elementary
  • Jordan Williams – Kings Mountain Intermediate
  • Daniel Treharne - Kings Mountain High
  • Cindy Temple– Marion Elementary
  • Michelle Mack – North Elementary
  • Amber Anderson – North Shelby School
  • Chad Beam - Shelby High
  • Kristen Goad – Shelby Intermediate
  • Christy Hamrick - Shelby Middle
  • Heather Clark – Springmore Elementary
  • Holly Hensley – Township Three Elementary
  • Leslie Phillips - Union Elementary
  • Susan Johnson – Washington Elementary

About the Finalists (The following information was provided by friends and colleagues)

Name: Melissa Battista
School: Jefferson Elementary

Description of this Agape Teacher:
Melissa Battista goes above and beyond to meet not only the learning needs of her students, but their social and emotional needs as well. She easily connects with her students and provides a positive and nurturing learning environment where students feel safe, respected, and valued. She takes time to learn about students home lives and regularly communicates with parents to make strong home and school connections. Ms. Battista sets high expectations for her students and always encourages them to reach their fullest potential. She also takes time away from school to tutor her students, cheer students on at sporting events, and connect with her students on a more personal level.

Name: Julie Smith
School: Turning Point Academy

Description of this Agape Teacher:
Julie Smith is a teacher who loves and supports students at all levels.  She believes that all the students she teaches are innovators with brains like a sponge, ready to soak up knowledge. Even though she teaches multiple grade levels of science in a class setting, she has a purpose and direction for her class that promotes engaging, dynamic and rigorous learning.
Mrs. Smith believes in her students and their futures. She wants all of her students to complete their current grade level and advance to the next grade and ultimately graduate. She creates lessons that intrigue students and tap into their interests and abilities. Students want to come to her class just to see what cool experiment, group work, or hands-on activities are on the plan for the day. 

Name: Robin Wilson
School: West Elementary

Description of this Agape Teacher:
Robin Wilson's dedication to her students and her profession is unlike any I've witnessed. She motivates her students to excel and to take pride in themselves. She manages to reach through daily positive unconditional love even the hardest students. She teaches her students that nothing but their absolute best is accepted in her classroom because they should never accept less than the best from themselves. She makes them feel like champions for doing their best, even it may be below some of their peers. She cares about the environment her students experience away from school each day. She ensures her students have what they need for daily success, whether it be food in their refrigerator at home, a safe place to spend a few hours after school when things are rough at home, or clothing that is clean and fits properly. All these things are on her personal time and at her personal expense. She gives her all to her school and her students. She is what a true teacher should be: a mother, an instructor, a protector, a disciplinarian, a counselor, and most importantly a constant cheerleader as she reminds her students that she believes each of them can succeed, and she loves them like they are her very own.