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The Right Combination for Middle School Success

posted Apr 15, 2018, 5:55 PM by Greg Shull   [ updated Apr 16, 2018, 5:24 AM ]

The staff members at Casar Elementary find ways to help students eliminate worries about the transition to the middle school (insert gasp here). According to Lisa Earl, the school counselor at Casar, one of the most common worries for fifth-grade students transitioning to middle school is opening locks for their lockers.

To help ease tensions, Earl turned to Donors Choose, a website dedicated to connecting donors directly to public school classroom projects.

“Because of the generosity of people from across the nation, Casar Elementary School students can practice opening combination locks in a familiar environment without the stress of having to get to their next class!” added Earl.

The students had the opportunity to view a quick presentation before attacking the dreaded combination locks to learn about the different parts of a lock, how a lock works, and the steps of how to open a lock. After they had time to practice, they enjoyed helping their classmates and racing to see who could open their lock the fastest.

Don’t worry, we know students are more than capable of opening locks. However, the complete project included several books about transitioning to middle school, fitting in, and staying true to yourself. 

“Hands-on learning experiences are exciting and memorable, and the materials that were purchased will continue to be used by our students to ensure they have the right combination for middle school success,” explained Earl.

When approached about Casar’s project about transitioning, Dr. Chris Bennett of Burns Middle explained, “Middle school is actually full of fun, engaging experiences and provides opportunities to expand friendships to many other students converging to sixth-grade from other schools.”

“I would not worry at all about the middle school,” interjected Mickey Morehead, principal at Burns High. “They’ll love it.” Morehead added, tongue-in-cheek with a muah ha ha laugh, “I would worry much more about the HIGH SCHOOL and their crazy principal!”