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Robot Challenge Day Strengthens Young Minds

posted Nov 3, 2017, 12:52 PM by Greg Shull
Central Services hosted another exciting Robotics Challenge Day with nearly every available room filled with fourth through sixth grade STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students.

“This program allows students to take charge and work as a team to solve missions, program robots on-the-spot, enjoy makerspace team building exercises, and sharpen presentation skills,” said Lori Wilbanks, robotics program coordinator.

The robot engineers worked through a variety of challenges to enhance their programming and teamwork skills. The challenges included makerspace, programming, project presentation, and a team timed hydrodynamics mission experience.

“We have had the best time tackling challenges and stretching young minds,” said Elizabeth Schweppe, AIG teacher at James Love and Jefferson elementaries. “Through creative problem solving, our team has excelled in sharing responsibility while showcasing their robotics skills.”

The Cleveland County Schools Robotics Program is a STEM-related initiative designed to encourage exploration and cooperative learning. 
“I really liked the teamwork that is involved in the experience,” said Payton Beaver, a student and robotic engineer at Burns Middle. “Days like this really brings our team closer together.”

Throughout the day, students were challenged with programming ten robotics missions in this First Lego League Hydrodynamics Challenge.

“The robot runs provide new techniques on running our programs,” said Joe Craver, a student and robotics researcher at Shelby Intermediate. “The makerspace showed the rubric on how to score well during competitions. The robot maze let everyone have fun with messing with the robot and learning how the program works.”

Students will return to Central Services two more times this school year for a competition and tournament.