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New champions emerge at annual Math Field Day competition

posted Dec 13, 2016, 1:47 PM by Greg Shull

The Cleveland County Schools Central Services hosted the 24th annual mathematics competition sponsored by the Cleveland County Schools Educational Foundation, PPG Industries, and Laughlin Furniture Outlet. The holiday-themed competition – “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Math Day!” provided the opportunity for students to showcase their minds as they competed for top honors.

Participating students were from Boiling Springs, Casar, Fallston, Springmore, Township Three, Union and Washington elementary schools, and Kings Mountain and Shelby intermediate schools.

The Shelby Intermediate Exponential Elves were the overall problem-solving grand champions for the day, edging out the defending champions, Casar Elementary Number Nutcrackers 2K16, who took second place. Rounding out the top three was KMIS Mathletes #1.

Problem Solving Tasks and Winners

  • Task 1: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Students applied their knowledge in order of operations to solve numerical expressions. The winning team for this task is: Union Wise Men
  • Task 2: Santa Plans Hawaiian Vacation– Students designed and constructed swimming pool models. The winning team for this task is: Casar Number Nutcrackers 2K16
  • Task 3: Santa’s Christmas Eve Adventure – Students applied their knowledge of fractional concepts to reason about the size of fractions with different denominators and solve tasks requiring various operations. The winning team for this task is: Shelby Intermediate Exponential Elves
  • Task 4: Where Are You Christmas? – Students applied their knowledge of our base-10 system to examine and manipulate other place value systems. The winning team for this task: Casar Number Nutcrackers 2K16

Team Award
Working together, sharing ideas, and communicating while solving math challenges are vital to any team’s success. The following team exhibited outstanding collaboration: KMIS Mathletes Team 3.

One competition titled, Do You Think What I Think?, required students to use their mental math skills to answer a total of 50 questions.  Students were not allowed to solve problems using paper or pencil.  They had to solve all problems mentally. The highest scoring students on each team for the Do You Think What I Think? challenge are as follows:

  • BSE’s Yuletide Chargers: Benjamin Rose
  • Casar’s Number Nutcrackers 2K16: Arlenn Hyland
  • Fallston’s Festive Factors: Tie: Jaden Pierce & Conner Smith
  • KMIS’s Mathletes Team 1: Reed Cooper
  • KMIS’s Mathletes Team 2: Matthew Morrow
  • KMIS’s Mathletes Team 3: Sara Kate Bridges
  • SIS’s Mathematical Elves: Maggie Alexander
  • SIS’s Exponential Elves: Ga’ Laysia McEntire
  • SIS’s Math Reindeer: Samiah Moore
  • Springmore’s Claus Dawgs: Allie Jones
  • Township Three’s Gifted Grinches: Chase Ledbetter
  • Union’s Wise Men: Zachary Currier
  • Washington’s Christmas II (pi): Michael Allen

Click here to watch the Math Field Day awards ceremony that was presented “live” by the CCS Media.