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Crest Middle Student Earns $20,000 for Outstanding Academic Performance and Behavior

posted Feb 26, 2018, 10:47 AM by Greg Shull
DaVonyae Pettis, a seventh-grader at Crest Middle was nominated by School Counselor Jules Hux for the Victor E. Bell, Jr. Scholarship, a prestige financial recognition based on performance, behavior, and financial need.

“I want to play football at Clemson," said Pettis. "I heard they [Clemson] have a good engineering program. That will be good after sports or if sports do not work out.”

Hux has submitted teacher-recommended students for the past seven years, and the effort and support finally paid big.

“He is a deserving kid who is disciplined in class and on the field. To see someone with his work ethic get this is rewarding,” said Hux.

This award will provide $2,000 in a scholarship account in the North Carolina National College Savings Program. As long as DaVonyae maintains eligibility, he will receive an additional $2,000 per year up to a maximum of $20,000 to be used towards his educational pursuit of an associate or bachelor’s degree.

"It is good to know that he is getting recognized for his hard work," said Tina and Marquiet Pettis, DaVonyae's parents. "He pushes himself harder that we push him."

About the Scholarship

The Victor E. Bell, Jr. Scholarship Program was established to encourage and assist high potential North Carolina students with limited financial resources to pursue higher education. Awarded to seventh-grade students and renewable through four years of college as long as annual eligibility requirements are met, the Scholarship Program encourages students with academic ability and promise to maintain their scholastic standing and achieve a college degree.