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Burns Middle Teacher honored with Jolene Litton ABCD Award

posted Mar 27, 2018, 10:37 AM by Greg Shull   [ updated Mar 27, 2018, 10:40 AM ]
Jordon Crowe, an innovative sixth-grade math teacher at Burns Middle, is the 2018 Jolene Litton ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) award recipient. Among many nominations throughout the county, Crowe rose to the top of the list for his high-powered offense of integrated technology within his classroom.

“It has been such an honor to receive the ABCD Award as I try to push technology to the limits in a middle school classroom daily,” said Crowe.

The ABCD award is presented to an educator each year who goes over and beyond what is required of them in the area of technology and encourages unique technology projects and practices within the school.

“He uses technology to foster learning among his students because he understands that technology plays a key role in hooking today’s students, keeping them engaged to meet their potential, and allowing them to master their educational goals,” said Dr. Chris Bennett, principal at Burns Middle.

Named after Jolene Litton, the first technology facilitator in Cleveland County Schools, the award recognizes a licensed educator who is incredibly innovative with their approach to technology and its integration in the classroom, as Mrs. Litton was during her teaching career. The award is sponsored by the CCS Educational Foundation and the Cleveland County Schools’ Technology Services Department.

“Fellow teachers, and most importantly students, benefit from the connection Mr. Crowe has with each of them as well as his efficient and seamless use of technology to deliver instruction that works,” added Bennett.

Mr. Crowe received an award, an iPad for use within this classroom, and a perpetual plaque to be placed in the school in his honor.

Crowe added, “I believe that education should focus on the pillars of climate, rigor, and student engagement. With that being said, I strongly believe that technology can be a foundational basis for these three pillars to stand on.” 

Recommendation Letter Excerpt Submitted on Behalf of Crowe

Mr. Jordon Crowe, from Burns Middle School, constantly goes above and beyond in and out of the classroom. He plays a vital role in guiding his grade level and departmental teachers in the use of technology to enhance their own instruction. Fellow teachers, and most importantly students, benefit from the connection Mr. Crowe has with each of them as well as his efficient and seamless use of technology to deliver instruction that works. Mr. Crowe embodies the intended spirit of the Jolene Litton ABCD Award. It is with pleasure that we nominate Mr. Jordon Crowe for this recognition.

Mr. Crowe has purchased his own set of clickers (devices where students input answers for immediate review), a large, multi-touch SMART Board, and brought in a gaming system to help aid in facilitating instruction in his classroom. Using the most current technology, Mr. Crowe is able to give students immediate feedback on what they are learning. He has been a leader in our school through his engagement and passion for encouraging and empowering students to perform well on tasks both in the classroom and at home. During daily warm-ups, his math class work out problems and use clickers to enter their answers, then review the math problems as a class. Mr. Crowe strives for 100% of his students to gain mastery on each question. When his entire class gets a problem correct, they celebrate with a quick dance. The students are able to review incorrect answers anonymously as a whole group and evaluate why some may have gotten it wrong as well as how to correct the problem without having students feel embarrassed. He uses iPads and Chromebook for students to get practice solving various math problems, even on the weekends. With a free app he uses, his students have been solving hundreds of problems in class as well as on their own time. Mr. Crowe’s love of technology, teaching, learning, and his students combine to offer engaging opportunities for his students to learn using creative ideas and technology.