District Benefits

State and Local Benefits

Holidays - Ten month employees observe 10 holidays per year.  Twelve month employees observe 11 holidays per year.

Longevity - In addition to the state and local salary, teachers receive annual longevity payment after completing 10 years of service.  Longevity payments are paid during the pay period of the employment anniversary date at the following rate:

  • 10 years but less than 15 1.5% of salary
  • 15  but less than 20 2.25% of salary
  • 20 but less than 25 3.25% of salary
  • 25 or more 4.5% of salary

State Health Plan - Health insurance is paid for employees and may be purchased for spouses and dependents.

Life Insurance - CCS provides $5,000 of term life insurance for each permanent employee.  Employees may purchase additional insurance for themselves, their spouses or dependents through payroll deduction.

Flexible Spending Accounts - A pre-tax cafeteria program is available.  Life, dental, cancer and disability insurances and medical and child care reimbursements may be purchased through payroll deduction.

State 401 (k):  Employees may participate in the state’s 401 (k) plan.  Contributions are deducted before taxes through payroll deduction.

CCS teachers also receive:

  • Free registration for National Board
  • 10% salary increase for master’s degree
  • 12% salary increase for National Board
  • Generous local supplement to state salary


Vacation Days Earned Each Year

Years of ServiceDays Earned10-Month Employees
Less than 21.0010.00
2 but less than 51.1511.50
5 but less than 101.4014.00
10 but less than 151.6516.50
15 but less than 201.9019.00
20 years or more2.1521.50


Employees are covered by the N. C. Teachers’ & State Employees’ Retirement System.
Employees contribute 6% of their monthly salary.  Employees may retire after 30 years of service or after 25 years at age 60.

Sick Leave 
Employees earn one day of sick leave per month.   Sick leave may be granted for personal illness, injury,  family illness,  death (immediate family), and medical appointments.