Calendar FAQs

Question:  How is the calendar made for Cleveland County Schools?

Answer:  In the fall of each year, a calendar committee is formed.  The committee is made up of parents, teachers, and administrators representing every school, zone, level, and department.  The committee is led by the Executive Director of Human Resources.  A new committee is formed every couple of years.  Principals and directors are asked to submit names for representation on the committee to the Executive Director of Human Resources. 




Question:  How do I get on the calendar committee?

Answer:  If you would like to serve on the calendar committee, let the principal of your school (or your child’s school) know.  You can also contact the Executive Director of Human Resources directly about your interest.



Question:  What are the rules for creating a school calendar in NC?

Answer:  NC General Statute 115C-84.2 sets the rules for creating a school calendar.  In a nutshell, the law requires the local board to adopt a school calendar consisting of 215 days all of which shall fall within the fiscal year.  The law also says:

·         The calendar must be 215 days total, including workdays, holidays, and annual leave.

·         Instructional days can either be 185 days or 1,025 instructional hours.  (Cleveland County Schools meets the 1,025 hour requirement in 180 instructional days, so 180-day calendars are proposed.) 

·         School system employees are entitled to the same number of holidays as are given to other state employees, which is 11 for 2016-2017 & 2017-2018.

·         Employees are entitled to a minimum of 10 Annual Leave days.

·         The total number of workdays for teachers cannot exceed 195, so 14 planning days can be designated.

·         The first day for students can be no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26.

·         The last day for students can be no later than the Friday closest to June 11.



Question:  I thought school could start on August 25.  It has in the past.  What changed?

Answer:  In 2012, state law changed the opening date of school for students from August 25 to “the Monday closest to August 26.”  So, prior to 2012, school could start on August 25.



Question:  Why does the 2017-2018 have so many workdays before students start and only 4 workdays during the school year?  Wouldn’t it be better to distribute the days throughout the school year?

Answer:  The start and end date requirements really “squeeze” the calendar for 2017-2018, because the earliest school can start is Monday, August 28 and the latest it can end is Friday, June 8.  In order to meet the requirements for holidays and annual leave days, only 4 days can be designated as workdays during the school year.  This means that 10 workdays have to be before or after students are in school.  In short, the calendar committee is in agreement that it would be better to distribute the workdays throughout the school year, but due to calendar law requirements, only 4 can be included in the student calendar.


Question:  Why did the calendar committee decide not to have 2 weeks at Christmas?

Answer:  The committee felt it was better to have a full week at Spring Break and have holidays on Memorial Day and Good Friday.  In addition, the committee felt strongly that workdays were needed at the end of each quarter (October, January, and March) and two workdays were needed at the semester change in January. 



Question:  There is such a long stretch between mid-January and the end of March with no break.  Why didn’t the committee put a workday or holiday during this time?

Answer:  The committee felt strongly that the 4 workdays allowed during the year were needed at the end of each quarter/semester, with two workdays at the semester change in January. 



Question:  Why did the committee work on the school calendar for 2017-2018.  Is there a proposed 2016-2017 calendar for next year?

Answer:  Yes, the 2016-2017 calendar was created last year and is available on the website.  The board of education asked the calendar committee to create school calendars two years in advance, so that families could be more informed when making plans.



Question:  Why are we off March 23 and then again March 30?  Why not eliminate March 23 and put a workday in February or at Christmas?

Answer:  March 23 is the end of 3rd quarter and the committee felt a day was needed for teachers to work on grades.  March 30 is Good Friday and based on previous feedback, the committee felt this was an important holiday to our community and school should be closed for staff and students.



Question:  Why is our calendar different from the counties around us?  Some have 2 weeks at Christmas.

Answer:  Calendars can vary between counties based on the priorities of the stakeholders.  While the total number of holidays and workdays will be the same, the days taken can be different days.  For those counties that have 2 weeks at Christmas, they will have fewer days off at other times, such as Spring Break, in January at the semester break, and may even end later for students. 



Question:  If state law changes and districts are given more calendar flexibility, what will happen to our calendars that the board has already approved?

Answer:   Most likely, the board would request that the calendar committee reconvene to consider the changes and present updated calendars for consideration.